We specialize in EB-5 private equity investments with regional centers targeted throughout the United States. Our specialty is to bring together people, resources and an entrepreneurial spirit to create jobs, improve rural areas, revitalize urban communities and help our international investors achieve their immigration goals. At EB5 USA Partners, we provide construction financing to new projects and invest in companies that can create jobs in our communities. Our philosophy is that by creating United States job growth while meeting our international investors’ needs, we all win. At EB5 USA Partners, our initial focus is on the investment in real estate projects and private equity investment throughout the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, however, we are in the process of launching projects in Delaware, New Jersey and California to start. 

EB5 USA Partners provides investors with a regional center for their investment needs and immigration goals. EB5 USA Partners’ mission is stimulate economic growth of the United States under EB-5 Visa program by increasing investment in real estate and private equity in various regions leading to the creation of new jobs and increased domestic capital investment.

About Us


The EB5 USA Partners team is composed of an impressive group of accomplished entrepreneurs, financiers, investment fund experts, hospitality experts, brokers and leading attorneys. The EB5 USA Partners team is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to our valued investors and their families, through our elite program.

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